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I am based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. I paint with watercolours and also specialize in producing digitally enhanced mixed media prints. Although the subject matter varies from print to print, the common thread of colour, and more colour, runs throughout my art.

Some designs, like the "Footballer" collection (right), are originally pencil drawings/sketches.

The "London" collection (far right), is sourced from photographs, as is the "New York" collection.

The "Vase" collection (below) was "drawn" entirely using computer software. This was extremely time consuming, but worth every minute!

The "Fuschia" print was originally a mural on a bedroom wall.



Poignant words add atmosphere to this original piece of artwork.
Beautiful Fuschias in magnificent colours.
Collages designed using your favourite pictures on this site.

Various design formats available.

Contact me today to discuss your ideas.
All prints are available in sizes 5" x 8" - 10" x 12" in gloss or matt finish.

Portraits to Order
using your own specifications

"In Thought" is a photograph that has been adapted using hue and orton variation.

All prints are stunning, brightly coloured and wonderfully enhanced using the very best in digital technology.
Sourced from my own art collections, they make beautiful adornments on any wall in homes or work places.
The green traffic light gave me inspiration when enhancing the photograph I took in the City of London.
The hue contributes to the general ambience of the shot and draws the viewers` eye into the centre of the picture

Portrait Collages
to order

Family Collages made with your own photographs.

Email to give your requirements and preferences.
Anything is possible in my artworld!

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The magnificent "London Eye" standing proud against a stunningly beautiful background.
An explosion of vibrant colours leap from the page like a magnificent firework.

Photo Adaptations
to order

Photo Collages
from your own snaps

Collages designed using your own favourite photographs.
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